Tteokbokki - Spicy Korean Rice Cake

If you've ever been to South Korea, chance is that you would've tried thisĀ šŸ”„ dish.

Ā Like how Kiwi's eat toast, TteokbokkiĀ is one of South Korea's staple foods! Traditionally this dish is served with varying levels of spice, but in recent years different flavours have gained popularity like black bean sauce!

Rice cake is the star of this dish, with a soft jelly-like texture it's definitely worth a try! The rice cake is seasoned with various different ingredients like chilli paste and flake, spring onion, sesame seeds, soy sauce and oligodang syrup.

In South Korea you'll find Tteokbokki all over the country! There are restaurants that dedicate their life to this dish with a loyal fan base. You'll also find this rice cake dish as street food just about everywhere you go. A lot of people eat this as a snack but Tteokbokki is also often eaten as a meal too!

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